16 de janeiro de 2018
INTERNATIONALIZATION, SPAIN, ICEX allocates 4.5 million euros for the internationalization of small and medium enterprises in 2018


    ICEX Spain Exports and Investments will allocate 4.5 million euros throughout 2018 to support the internationalization of small and medium-sized Spanish companies wishing to internationalize their business or consolidate their presence abroad, through ICEX Next.
This program offers personalized advice from experts in order to make companies internationalize their business, increase their external turnover, diversify their business risk and improve their global competitiveness. To do this, it helps companies in all phases of the project.

Through ICEX Next, companies will have more than 10,000 euros of aid per company for 18 months for expenses related to internationalization.

Advisors in destination
Companies under this program can also access the assistance of "Advisors in destination". A service that is provided in each market by local experts with a deep knowledge of the local business fabric and whose objective is to facilitate the Spanish company the development of its commercial network in those markets. In 2018 the service "Advisors in destination" is available in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, the United States, Morocco, South Korea and, for the first time, Poland.

The companies that can apply for grants are those with product, service or own brand, which have export potential as well as those companies that have qualified personnel committed to their internationalization project.

Since the ICEX Next Program was launched in 2012, 2,137 companies have participated in it. 18% of these companies come from the Community of Madrid, 17% from Catalonia, 14% from the Valencian Community, and 12% from Andalusia. 75% of the participants have an industrial, technological and service profile; 14% of consumer goods, and only 11% belong to the agri-food and beverage sectors.

For the goods companies that benefited from the program in 2012 and 2013, the increase in export regularity has been over 60% (2013-2016).

Among the measures contemplated in the ICEX Strategic Plan for 2018 to increase the base of companies that regularly export, currently around 50,000, the ICEX Next Program for export initiation is included.

Source: ICEX


Fernando Fetahe, Especialista en prospección y desarrollo de negocios

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